Rapture 518 is a horror/psychological thriller audiodrama. It was created in Canada. The author of Rapture518 prefers to remain anonymous.

Dr. Sarah Penn is a resident physician who has been living in one of the largest cities of Canada for the last eight months. She independently moved from the opposite side of the country to pursue a fellowship in cardiology, but bedside of the gruelling work hours,she hasn’t yet had the opportunity to make friends.

For mysterious reasons, Dr. Penn has taken a voluntary leave of absence from her role as a resident physician. Part of that reason is due to an emergent need to move out of her rental house.

Part of the reason remains unclear.

She has moved to a brand new luxury apartment named Rapture – created by the architectural power house named Chosen Estates.

This enigmatic apartment complex is still under construction, and her relocation happens to have occurred at the precipice of an apocalyptic outbreak that will change the course of humanity.