An update.

An update.

Today is the first Tuesday since Rapture 518 has aired that has not had a new episode.

Not because I’ve disappeared…. but more because I’ve been having issues trying to get the last episode of season one completed. Not because I don’t know what the story is – I do. But more because try as I may, I haven’t found a way to convey the story in a manner that ends on an action packed high note rather than a doom and gloom low note.

So I did what got me into this audiodrama stuff – I started relistening to the best audiodramas available. Most specifically – We’re Alive (which I strongly recommend!).

I’ve started to realize that what makes this genre so intricate is not the scripts or the story line… it’s how the environment is created. You don’t need to explain everything so literally. By this I mean… Sarah’s character doesn’t NEED to say “I’m driving to the new apartment” – that can be accomplished with the foley (sound effects and ambient sounds). I think this is the feature I’ve been missing out on in Season 1.

I started this podcast with an idea. That idea was to make a low-key audio theatre … not to write scripts with complementary sound effects every now and again. I wanted to create a show that had very bare-minimum simplistic music…. maybe using the same 6 key songs throughout the entire season to convey specific emotions.

While I don’t know when the rest of Season 1 will be completed (which I’m really sorry about – I genuinely had so much intention to do the weekly schedule from beginning to end but now here we are)… I do know where this season will end and what needs to happen for that to occur.

That may require a change up in the method of how the story is told…. but I’ll try to wait until the season is over before I get all experimental.

Thank you guys for being there during this weird and convoluted process. I look forward to returning from my mini self-induced hiatus and creating amazing things that’s a little less “talking at a mic” and a little more “theatre for the mind”.

  • Dr. S. Penn.

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