Sarah – Entry#2

Sarah – Entry#2


Long ago (Ie., not actually very long ago), the above picture was one of the first logo drafts that Rapture 518 podcast had ever had! Our absolute first was actually a photo that my dad took and I edited it to turn it into a background of sorts…. and then I added words to the photo using my phone’s photo editor. It was clearly very high quality. 

So high quality, in fact, that it only ever became public on the Rapture 518 facebook page. 

I’m not 100% sure if it’s still there because technology is not my strong suit. 

Technological incompetence notwithstanding, you should feel happy and safe knowing that for Season 1 we have the stellar professionals at Arches Audio helping with not just our Logo, but also much of our post-production editing!
Surprisingly, there is a LOT of effort that goes into a podcast beyond coming up with an idea!

Luckily Arches Audio has taken us under their wing to help our first season be a strong one – and hopefully one of many !

If you haven’t yet – check out our eloquently designed website ( and our super fly Instagram page (

Episode 1 is going LIVE on December 1, 2020!
Pending on whether or not Mercury is in retrograde, our first mini episode may ALSO be aired on the SAME DAY (because what’s the point of an audiodrama if you can’t binge it?) !

Hope to see you soon!


– Dr. Sarah Penn

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