An update.

Today is the first Tuesday since Rapture 518 has aired that has not had a new episode. Not because I’ve disappeared…. but more because I’ve been having issues trying to get the last episode of season one completed. Not because I don’t know what the story is – I do. But more because try as…

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Sarah – Entry#2

  Long ago (Ie., not actually very long ago), the above picture was one of the first logo drafts that Rapture 518 podcast had ever had! Our absolute first was actually a photo that my dad took and I edited it to turn it into a background of sorts…. and then I added words to…

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Sarah – Entry #1

Somehow, I have discovered a way to hack into the main webpage that the creators of Rapture previously published online as part of their advertising. I have no idea how I did this, because I have never taken a computer course in my life and the internet is … inconsistent at best…. but nevertheless, I’ve found…

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