Lilli and the Library

Lilli musings…. Everybody needs a theme-song. Of course, in my head there’s a song playing all the time; each lyrical moment in time a perfect accompaniment to, not just describe but, enhance the events going on around me, to me, and because of me. Those songs are fleeting, much like the bits of story they…

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from the End of the World

This story is written in three separate time parts: During, 6 Months after, and 6 Years after the beginning of the end of the world. Although there is, indeed, a one true definite cause with regard to what happened for the world to fall apart, news did not travel smoothly, truthfully, or universally. Some people…

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Orion Chapter

They say everybody’s special. Everyone is different. A beacon shining bright through the depths of mist in a cold turbid ocean. They probably didn’t mean in the way that people fall apart. Not emotionally, though I’ve seen plenty of that, too. No. In the way that people don’t like to think about. A hominid body…

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