S01 Episode 2 – Preserved Ejection Fraction

S01 Episode 2 – Preserved Ejection Fraction

This is Dr. Sarah Penn, and I’m recording from a mysterious and random portable recorder that showed up in my mail box today light airy laugh. It’s kind of a fun little gadget made of heavy black plastic and two microphones at the top angled 90 degrees away from each other encased in a little cage of sorts. It came in a waterproof sealed bag with a post-it note on the box that said “For Apartment 518”.
I’m assuming that the recorder is from the management crew at Rapture – which is the name of the new apartment building I’m moving into this week! That place is such a kooky build – I love it.
I’ll have to remember to thank them for the gift – what a fun way to make themselves known in the world!
So, I guess what I’m supposed to do with this contraption is record my move into a band new building that apparently has a PR company that has spared no expense to make the place seem innovative and discussion-worthy. And, I mean… clearly their tactics worked on me because this is the first time I’m moving into a condo… or apartment… what’s the difference between the two? Anyway, its my first apartment ever! I’ve always lived in houses throughout my entire undergraduate degree, university training, medical school and everything else thast put together fifteen years of post-secondary training to get me to where I am now. In a new city – one of the biggest cities in the Country mind you, where I know zero people outside of the hospital and my primary goal was to finish my medical fellowship then start getting paid staff money! I’ve got the typical quarter million dollar loan currently strangulating the finance part of my brain… but that’s okay – its common in Canada and I will find a way out of that hole and one day have my own place with a garden by the ocean and a firepit and….. Alright, getting a little sidetracked haha.
I’m lucky that while I’m in the process of moving I’m concurrently on a leave of absence from work. I started my leave three days ago so that I could get my things all boxed up for the movers, and I’ve basically been living in a cardboard box camp and sleeping on the floor ever since. Why I’m off….. Well…. That’s not important right now. What IS important, is today is the day I get my keys to the new place and I get to officially become a “city person” living in a big city apartment all fancy and new and southwest facing!
So I guess you’re along for the ride recorder!
Okay. Here we go!.
tape off tape on – in car
We just drove by one of the billboards advertising this place – this huge majestic panel with some random laughing couple clinging wine glasses while watching a pile of billowy clouds float by. It’s very high end. And there’s this fancy calligraphy writing that says “Rapture – welcome home”. I mean sure, the font is kind of difficult to read when you’re driving by but it’s the thought that counts!
Alright, we’re pulling up to the new building. They’re still building it for God’s sake but management pulled some strings to let me move in early. When I told them the situation back at my old rental house…. And informed them that I’m taking the month off of work to sort everything out… they seemed super excited to help me get out of my old place and into this fancy shmancy apartment.
The new building – Rapture, its called. It’s six floors high and its got this dark blue paint scheme going on outside with … random yellow panels ? Well… nothing is perfect, I guess. Lol Anyway, its fancy and there are two wings planned for the building but only one is built. Construction is ongoing… that’l be a fun sound to hear while drinking coffee on the balcony lol – can’t wait!
Oh – hold on one of the hardhats is coming up to the window
“hello – you must be Sarah”
“Yep! That’s me! Big day today – moving in!!”
“Yes, Carrie told us to be expecting you. Go ahead and pull up to the front she’s in there waiting for you with the keys”
“oh – thanks!”
“Welcome to Rapture!”
… okay, pulling in – just one minute here recorder.
tape off tape on – walking indoors
“Hi, Sarah ? I’m Carrie – I’m the head management coordinaror for Chosen Estates – that’s the company that funded and developed Rapture!……here’s your keys there now sweetie”

hears FOB handover
Sarah: “uh… wheres the key part of the key?”
Carrie: oh! We use FOBs for everything! It’s very Generational”
Sarah: “its just like…. A piece of plastic?”
Carrie: “no no oh my goodness, it’s a device with build-in authentication to secure access to the building and to your apartment! It’s all the rage now a days – super cool hey?”
Sarah: “so… wheres the actual key though”
Carrie: There is no “key’. The FOB is the key! Like a hotel card!
Sarah: But… what if the power goes out

Carrie: No it… FOBs always work. They’re programmed to work. It’s a thing.
Sarah: So…. It just like… works. There’s no manual physical key for me to get into my condo?
Carrie: That’s correct.
Sarah: Huh. …>>So….. Like…. What does it stand for? FOB
awkward pause
Carrie: oh my goodness arent’ you an inquisitive one that’s so cute! I don’t know what it means HAHAHA it doesn’t matter!!!!! Come on, I’ll show you how it works!!! It’s super cute. Here, hop in the elevator
Sarah: “Oh…. Do you mind if I bring my recorder? It showed up today in the mail – nice touch from the Rapture PR team I’ve got to say!”
Carrie: What? Oh, I don’t know anything about that but sure – nobody tells me anything HA HA AH too funny! I guess someones going to be getting a super stern email about their lack of communication skills hey? HAHAHA okay sweetie lets go come on hmm?
Elevator door close bing
Elevator door open bing
Carrie: And out here is the second floor – that’s where the cute little waterfall is going to be and that big patch of synthetic grass over there that’s going to be a pickleball court! “

Sarah: “whats pickleball?”
Carrie: HAHAHA Oh you are just TOO much! Okay up we go!

elevator bing
Carrie: You’re apartment is just down HEEeeeeereeeeeeeee!!!!! Follow meeeeeeee
Sarah: “Oh that’s fun the lights for the rooms change for each wing that we walk down!”
Carrie: Oh yes no detail outside the expense of the Chosen Estates property group! They have all kinds of properties in all kinds of big cities have you seen them? prattle prattle
Sarah: sigh with exhaustion at Carrie
Door click and open sound
Carrie: And HEEEEERE is your corner suite! Welcome to 518! I see your movers have already placed all your boxes here in the main living area – and oh WOW you have a LOT of stuff hey? Oh goodness, good for you! You’ve certainly got your work cut out for you with your unpacking hmm there honey??

The apartment itself was various hues of grey and white with a big blue slat board making up an entire wall – the same color as the blue on the outside of the building that I mentioned previously. I’ve neve lived in a ‘new’ place before, so it was a lot to take in. Carrie, thankfully, left me at that point and told me that she would follow up with me later to show me where the garbage and recycling room was….
We did stop at the storage lockers to try my FOB but the door didn’t seem to register my fob so the plan is that we have that figured out ASAP according to Carrie.
Wow that lady is… intense.
And I don’t really have that much stuff! Jeez.
tape recorder off
Tape recorder on
So this is my first evening here at Rapture 518. I’m kind of relieved to learn that nobody else lives on this floor yet. Nobody but me! So it’s kind of like I have a house to myself…. Except I don’t have access to the other apartments, obviously.
I’m super happy that my mom and my sister convinced me to bring a bunch of my plants and garden boxes so that I could have some kind of semblance of “out-doorsy-ness” on the balcony. It’ll be nice once the tomatos turn red and the onions fatten up to be able to make my own salads and stuff. See – I can be a city person and still do the things I like! I’m not 100% sure where I’m going to put all these boxes but that’s an issue for Tomorrow Sarah haha!
In the meanwhile, I’m going to go try to call my sister and update her on this whole endeavor – what a day! I can’t believe how exhausted I am and all I did was ….well…. Pack up my entire life and move to a half-built building with no actual locks since this place is basically the future compared to the 1930s house I just came from.
… I also need to figure out what exactly a pickleball court is because right now I’m literally picturing a bunch of college kids throwing pickles at each other across a badminton court. And that just can’t be right… I hope.
Okay – talk more tomorrow!. This is Dr. Sarah Penn, over and out!
recorder off

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