S01 Episode 3 – Fovea Centralis

S01 Episode 3 – Fovea Centralis

This is Dr. Sarah Penn, recording from my bed at seven in the morning thanks to the relaxing sounds of construction people right outside my window. Ugh. Apparently mornings start outside the hospital at ungodly hours also.
At least its nice out.
Ugh. Hold on, let me get coffee and we’ll go check out the balcony.
*coffee pour sounds
*sliding door open sound
*construction intensifies
Well, its quite the view! I can see one of those billboards from here… If I jut… stretch out past the corner……aaaand holy god its high up here. Well, if I ever fall off at least that 2nd floor cement balcony judding out past my own will cushion the way down.
I forgot how nervous heights make me haha – genius ideea to rent a place on the second highest level!
Okay, that’s enough of the balcony for one morning.
*door open, close*
construction sounds lower
This weird thing happened not last night, but the night before. I could have sworn that I heard music down the hall. Like… old timey record music with a piano or whatever. You know… the kind you see people from the 40s huddled around listening to on a phonograph player or something haha.
Maybe it was the quarter of a block of cheese that I ate last night. Jenn, my sister, tells me all the time that cheese gives people weird dreams.
Speaking of cheese… fridge open sound I really need to get some groceries… and get rid of some of these moving boxes…
Ohmygod jumpy sounds What the… Oh…. Hi!!!!
Some random guy is just hanging outside my window with a squeegee no big deal. THANKS FOR CLEANING THE WINDOW HAHA…. Well… I guess not everyone minds the heights like I do.
Ok… just going to turn around here and pick out some clothes to wear …. Didn’t really expect to see a grown man hovering outside my window but alright… wait.
rustling sound… very quiet creepy sound? (close up to recorder) –
Sorry everyone..
I turned around to try to figure out something to wear today and I accidentally looked in the mirror above my dresser. I saw the construction worker window cleaner but his face was…. Oh it was so twisted and grey with this huge gaping black hole where his smile was a minute ago. Like unnaturrally large hole taking up the bottom half of his face. It looked like some kind of demon lamprey ! But when I turned back around to look at him, his face was normal again. Just some middle aged dude looking determined while he washes windows.
What the hell….
I must be losing it. Okay….. Sorry, just me being neurotic. Mom always said I jad an overactive imagination. I’m just on edge from everything that’s been going on. sigh.
tape recorder off
tape recorder on
in car sounds
Hey recorder! Getting back from a very much needed grocery trip.
OF course, I didn’t get all that much given that I’ve got to carry the bags from my car in the basement parkage to the one working elevator then down the worlds longest hallway haha. So I only got the basic necessities.

I should note though that of course basic necessities include wine haha… OBVIOUSLY, right?
There’s going to be a grocery store built on the main level of this building but it’s not opening until next month I think… so I just drove down the road a ways instead. I can’t wait until I don’t have to drive around town to get bagels lol
car door lock sound
Wow there is not a soul down here in the parkade yet but me! Oh no… theres a white van on down there …. Not like… “get in Ive got candy” white van haha. Just a normal SUV.
Okay so… there’s four elevator doors, but I’m pretty sure two of them aren’t in service yet because I’ve never seen the doors open or anyone come out of them…. One of those two has a big sign on it that says “construction use only” so …. I guess its just for while everything is still being built.
Of the other two elevators, one of them opened earlier and it was all just… plywood. Plywood walls, plywood floor… super claustrophobic but smelled nice and pine-y though!
So that leaves one main elevator for everyone living in the building so far.
Aaaaalllll 6 of us … or was it four?? Haha
Either way, I haven’t seen anyone other than myself yet… but I heard that an 80-something year old couple is supposed to move into the apartment right above me.
Maybe that’s why I had that dream about the phonograph music – maybe I’m just mentally preparing for life inside a geriatric facility.
Omg I’m kidding! That’s incredibly rude – I’m so sorry.
In all seriousness, there’s a long term care facility like five minutes walk away. I actually didn’t even realize that until I was walking past it the other night and saw some hospital beds. Almost brought flashbacks from work haha. I can’t believe its been almost a month since I had my license put on suspension. . .
deep sigh
Suddenly I don’t feel much like recording. I’ll check back in later
tape recorder off
phone answering machine message
Tuesday, August 25, 2020
2:26 PM
*answering machine sounds *
Hi Colin, it’s Sarah…. Just leaving another message about my damage deposit. It’s been two weeks since we did the walk through of my old house … or… your rental… wondering when you get the chance can you please forward me the $1500 damage deposit back as we agreed upon.
I know you’ve been busy….
Just…. please get back to me as soon as possible.
Alright… guess I’ll try you again later…
Call me back.
Tape recorder on
This is Dr. Sarah Penn. It’s …. 3:17am
I went to bed after a couple of glasses of wine so I’ve been asleep for I think… at least four, maybe 5, hours.
I woke up again thinking I had that dream again about the phonograph… but I’m awake right now! I’m recording to prove this to anyone who ever listens to these tapes. Just listen
sound of record playing and piano music softly
Do you hear that?
What in the name of…
Hold on, I’m getting out of bed.
It sounds like its coming from the hallway… but the lights are all off out there from what I Can tell. I think they automatically shut off after midnight but they’re motion censored or something because whenever I walk to my storage locker or from the car they flick on again when I’m approaching one.
Maybe I should go out and try to figure out where the musci is coming from?
…. Although…
I’m in a giant apartment building floor entirely by myself with no other inhabitants, at least no one else on this floor.
If there is something out there playing music, do I really want to go deal with that crazy lunatic one-on-one in my pyjama shorts?
No. Stupid. That’s crazy.
But that music is still playing.
Ugh! What the hell is going on here!?!

The door to my apartment has one of those peep-holes.
I’ll just look out and see if I can see anything.
Though, really, what am I expecting to see?
There is literally no explanation for this that makes sense.
I’m standing right behind my door right now. There’s a gap between the base of the door and the floor. Everything out there is black so clearly the sensors arent on – there’s nobody out there. If there was someone out there the lights would come on, right? Right.
I can still hear the music though.
You can hear that, right?
sharp inhale
Okay. The light in the hall just turned on for a split second but its off again. No… its on again.
deep exhale
Okay. I’m going to look out the peep hole. Here we go.
silent moment
blood curdling scream
ongoing phonograph sound

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